How to reach us

You can find us in Via Piave 26, Dorio
You can reach us:
By car:
Using SS 36 from Milan
Using SP 72 from the lake.
By Train
We are about 5 minutes on foot from the dorio Station

What to do

Our comfortable position allows to visit famous historical and artistical centers,
Without losing our little boroughs found all over the landscape.
For sports lovers you can practice:

  • Trekking
  • Biking
  • Skiing
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • And much more!

Il sentiero del viandante

For Trekking lovers, Dorio lies on a really important historical track:
Il sentiero del Viandante is:

We suggest discovering the natural and artistic beauties of the little cities that dot the coast
from Lecco towards the North to walk on foot along the “Sentiero del Viandante”. This is an ancient
passageway from the Milan area going up towards Switzerland, running along
the lake, proof of the role of the Lake Como region in commercial traffic. This path goes up to
Abbadia Lariana, along the coast and in and out of villages, running through the history up
to Colico, and penetrating all the way up at the foot of Valtellina. This pathway is 45km in length and therefore has to be walked in several stages. Depending on your fitness level
the pathway can be divided into 3 or 4 stages. Thanks to the frequent intersections between the pathway and the Lecco-Colico railway line,
it is possible to do one stage at a time and return to the starting point by train.
The modest altitudes and the excellent accessibility of the pathway make the itinerary possible in every season. The ancient origins of the pathway could date back to the Roman ages,
with the existence of this route being used for local traffic and also as an alternative route to reach Valsassina,
connecting Milan to Valtellina and then on to Swiss roads. It is documented since the fourteenth century,
in the municipal charters of the parishes of Bellano, Dervio and Lecco.


The lands nearby Dorio have been populated in prehistory from celtic populations.

In the middle ages the main parts of the town where found in 'Mandonico',
Where probably, in 1300 was built a church: San Giorgio Martire.
Next, the population moved progressively towards 'Solmogno',
Which then gave birth to the actual center of Dorio.
The first historical fonts trail back to 1040 d.C.,
back, when Corenno,Dervio,Dorio, were under the domain of Bellano.
Towards the end of the spring of this year, warships from the Repubblica delle Tre Pievi (Gravedona, Domaso e Dongo)
conquer Dorio,Corenno and after 4 months, Dervio.

These 3 towns wind up under the domain of said Repubblica
and then under the domain of Milan.

In the year 1627 after the 'Lanzichenecchi' and the spreading of the black plague, which became popular with the famous writer 'Alessandro Manzoni':I Promessi Sposi
In the year 1677 and 1804 the ancient churches of S.Giorgio were renovated
Here, you can have a glance at the paintings, recently renovated again
dove si possono ammirare degli affreschi del 1492, recentemente restaurati;

In the years 1809 and 1927 Dorio became part of Dervio, to then become independt again in the years 1816 and 1950 respectively


Near Dorio you can see:

  • Forte Fuentes
  • First world war Trenches in Corenno
  • The original towncenter of Mandonico
  • The churches of S.Giorgio and S.Rocco
  • Towns such as: Varenna,Bellagio are at boat's reach
Other nearby places are:
  • The valleys, Valvarrone,Valtellina,Valsassina
  • The whole Lario lakeside
  • L'Abbazia di Piona